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The Nano Sonic Whitening Electric Toothbrush is the latest development for the Nano Range by WhiteWash Laboratories. Using advanced sonic technology to keep teeth and gums healthy, it helps to provide effective stain removal, plaque removal and also helps to restore the teeth to their natural whiteness.

+ The brush has a button to switch between the three brushing modes, which are clean, whiten and massage.

+ The brush heads vibrate at 40 000 vibrations per minute to ensure a super clean brush.

+ It includes a built-in 30 second interval timer which allows you to reach all the quadrents of your mouth evenly.

+ The 2 minute auto-timer means that you’ll also be brushing to the dentist’s recommended time!

+ The base charging unit allows for quick and stylish charging.

+ The package includes a handy travel case for hygenic and also safe travel.

+ Includes x4 High Quality Brush Heads – x2 Regular, x1 Whitening, x1 Interdental


Use alongside our Nano Whitening Toothpaste for the best results!


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  • Advanced sonic technology provide a powerful dynamic cleaning action that helps to keep teeth clean and gums healthy by removing plaque. This technology provided effective stain removal which helps to brighten teeth and restore them to their natural state.